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Telegram Is the most used social Application Investors, freelancers, marketers, influencers and companies used for networking in the crypto industry. However, the pitfalls of the App are equally visible with the countless stories and numerous scam tricks played by ill-meaning individuals. 

Apart from rug-pulls and phishing scams, another common way people get scammed in the Crypto space is employment offers, fraudulent employees and impersonators.

Sometimes, developers or project leads when hiring remote workers for their project ends up been scammed by their employee. 

In some other cases, Service providers & freelancers working with projects end up being exploited by developers or project team member who fails to pay them the money due for their work or service.

There are also many scam social media accounts impersonating as Celebrity plugs, Centralized exchange staff, crypto influencers and other crypto service providers. These impersonators always reach out to project developers and Core team members pretending to offer them a service of individual or company they are impersonating.

This birthed our ideal of a safe crypto marketplace and other scam mitigation tools.

At this time, it is safe to say that Luminous Angel is crucial to the crypto industry as it will help to reduce the level of scam occurrences with the help of exploit mitigation tools in our ecosystem. This will ultimately make the crypto space safer now and in the future.

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