Luminous NFTs

We have 1,000 unique Luminous NFTs and 100 Legendary Luminous NFTs, built to go beyond the digital space that will unlock numerous benefits for our community.

?Our NFT holders will get a chance to be on a weekly raffle giveaway draw of 500$ – 1000$ worth of $LAT every Friday on Twitter space, they can also win Luminous Angel merches (clothes, cap, mug, footmat e.t.c)

?Our NFT will be acceptable for listing subscriptions on our marketplace. 

?We are building an NFT staking DApp where Investors can stake their NFTs and receive $LAT tokens in return. 

?Our legendary NFT holders will be whitelisted for private/presale of future projects we shall incubate in our ecosystem.

? Our legendary NFT holders will qualify for an exceptional raffle draw where they stand a chance to win tangible gifts like car, PS 5, Iphone,Travel expenses, power bike, e.t.c

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Token gateway

Token gated platform with sustainable tokenomics

Legal Compliance

Legal governance, risk management, and forensics

User protection

Ensuring your assets and time don't get ripped off you is why we exist

Ethereum Platform

Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts


Sugar Daddy

Co-founder/ R & D


Lead Developer

OG Mark